Unique Days and Ways to Gift: Snackagrams

I have always loved giving gifts since I was a kid. There's something magical about that moment, especially with surprise gifts, that make a person light up. I remember every May as a young child in Oklahoma, I would gather a huge bouquet of honeysuckle and stuff them in a handmade paper cone with a handle (that I had found in my favorite kids' craft book).

Kids' Valentine craft book from the 80's

I snuck over to my neighbor Judy's door, oh so carefully placed the cone of sweet honeysuckle on her doorknob, rang the bell and and hid in a bush. I eagerly awaited her opening of the door so I could see her smile and bask in the sweet sweet smell of honeysuckle. I have to admit, those times she wasn't home, I snuck back over, swiped the bouquet, and tried again later. I didn't want to miss that look on her face for anything.  

Lil Okie me as a kiddo, hiding in bushes and sneak delivering flower bouquets

Even as an adult, when I see people receiving surprise gifts like a flower delivery, I find myself grinning right along with them. Silly but true, even if I don't know the person and it's on a television commercial. Yup, I'm a dork. 

I love food. That's probably why I have been in the food industry for over twenty years. I love to see the power it has to change someone's mood. It's magical. It's almost instantaneous. Bad mood, gone. Weepies, gone. This played a role in the birth of the Snackagram. Sometimes flowers don't send the right message. Sometimes you want to send something more unique, personalized, and guaranteed to give lots of enjoyment. When was the last time you remember eating a snack with a scowl on your face? I can't remember either. 

Sending food is a great option, but the options I saw out on the market just didn't do my heart justice. Mass market candies and fruit that I could get at the supermarket just didn't tickle my fancy. And what if they have food allergies or sensitivities, or don't like nuts or chocolate? So many questions and what if's went through my head. 

Fast forward a year through our pre-brick-and-mortar-store opening. I delivered (and still do) Snackagrams to unsuspecting folks around the community. I got more grins than I could believe. My heart was happy to see folks enjoying gifts they could dive into and enjoy anywhere. Deliveries to homes and offices were filled with joy and cheerful chatter. Co-workers bonding over cool new flavors and snacks they had never seen or tasted before, an experiential gift for almost any occasion was born.  

Snackagram delivery to the Morning Show crew at WINY

The goofball in me enjoys celebrating random odd holidays because we should embrace any chance to celebrate we can. The world has too much stress to forgo these bright spots. 

So here it is... a list of oddball holidays if you are looking for a fun way to spread some joy! I’ll update this list frequently. I’ve included some ideas to get you started, we can be as creative as you like!

We’ve got a lot to celebrate, friends! 

October Holidays and Snackagram Suggestions

Oct 1

International Coffee Day: Pocket’s Chocolates Coffee Nuts & Pocket Lattes, Quokka Jitterless Oatmilk Latte, Pure Food by Estee Coffee Bites, Amrita Espresso Paleo Bites

National Black Dog Day (I’ve never delivered a Snackagram to a dog before, I would jump at the chance!) Bubba Rose Pizza Crust Dog Treats, Pet Winery CharDOGnay or ZinfanTAIL dog wine, Ag-Alchemy Chicken & Waffles Probiotic Dog Treats, Bubba Rose Doggie Fortune Cookies (a full dozen dog-themed fortune cookies in the cutest little doggie takeout box)

World Vegetarian Day Aside from our pet treats, Little Lucy Snack Shop is all vegetarian, lots of goodies to choose from here! Plant based jerky, such as All Y’all’s Jerky (portions of each sale benefit Rowdy Girl Animal Sanctuary), Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, Theo’s Beet Jerky

Oct 2

National Child Health Day Load up in our Kids’ School Snack Section with lots of allergy friendly, nutritious, and kid-crave-worthy snacks like Chum Fruit Bites, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, Seaweed Snacks, Granola Bars, Veggie Straws, and more! 

National MICHELLE Day


Oct 3 

National Boyfriend Day Make his day with some Hal’s Buffalo Ranch Kettle Chips, Tango Hot Sauce, Chomp Nutpucks, and Nat’s Nuts Cinnamon Whiskey Pecans!

National Techies Day Kick their processor into overdrive with some Legally Addictive OG Toffee Cracker Cookies, Just the Fun Part Mini Waffle Cones filled with Belgian Chocolate, and Candy People Swedish Dala Horse gummies. 

National KEVIN Day


Oct 4 

Improve Your Office Day Shareable (full flavor, vegan, and gluten-free) snacks that the whole team can enjoy like Savor by Suzie Grain-Free Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Pocket’s Chocolates Single Serve Choconuts in Mocha, Matcha, Mango Yuzu, and Black Sesame, Stroopies Gluten-Free Stroopwafels, and Stroop Club Vegan Stroopwafels

National Golf Lovers Day 

National Truckers Appreciation Day 

Coffee With a Cop Day

Kindness to Animals Day

Oct 5 

National Be Nice Day Perfect excuse for a Bon Bee Bar (Formerly known as Honey Bunchies). Imagine a PayDay candy bar, just made with honey, wrapped in sunflower seeds and pecans, a perfect sweet way to be nice (and it’s gluten and dairy free, too!)

National Get Funky Day Oh have we got a treat for this day! Funky Chunky outrageous snack mixes. Everything you could possibly crave in Chip Zel Pop. Picture it: salty potato chips, buttery caramel corn, pretzel bits, and not one or two but THREE types of chocolate drizzled on top. Woah! Minority and veteran owned, handcrafted in small batches. 

World Teacher’s Day Teachers don’t get enough holidays to celebrate how truly amazing they are! Take the opportunity to brighten their day with feel good snacks like Asha Pops Popped Water Lily Seeds which are a great source of protein, fiber, rich in B vitamins - specifically B1, B2, B3, and B9, and packed with iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. 

Snackagram Delivery to the Putnam Public Library

Oct 6

World Smile Day

National Coaches Day

National Energy Geek Day

Manufacturing Day

National ISABELLA Day

Employee appreciation Snackagrams for a lucky group of workers in Putnam

Oct 7

Frugal Fun Day

You Matter to Me Day

National Forgiveness & Happiness Day

National Inner Beauty Day

World Card Making Day

National JONATHAN Day

Snackagram Delivery to the Putnam Fire Department

Stay tuned... more fun dates coming soon! 

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