Spread Some Joy! 

Remember how much fun it was to send and receive candygrams in grade school? Let someone know you are thinking about them with a Snackagram! 

Snacks brighten up the dreariest of Mondays or the mid-week slump. Can you remember the last time you ate a snack with a scowl on your face? We can't either! 

Snackagrams are a great way to show thanks and appreciation. Perfect for groups of employees, volunteers, friends, and families!

What's Included in a Snackagram?

We customize each Snackagram with an assortment of salty, sweet, and savory treats. Let us know if there are foods to avoid due to allergies and we'll be sure to leave those out.  We can work with any budget. 

We'll deliver it and include a note who it's from... unless you want it to be from a secret admirer! 

Ready to send a Snackagram?

Give us a call at 860-481-3633, send us an email at or drop by the store. We will review snack preferences and allergies with you and create the perfect Snackagram!