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Chum Fruit Bites - Apple

Chum Fruit Bites - Apple

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Founded by Ben who was fed up with his kids eating junk snacks, he engineered a healthy alternative to candy using only fruit. Pureeing whole fruits and slowly baking to deliver a soft biting healthy snack, full of vitamins, proteins and fiber of fruit with each bag containing the equivalent fruit of 2 apples. Driven by his passion for shark conservation, he named it Chum which also means friend; we use bio-degradable packs and give back to to help save our Chums!

Non-GMO, No Added Sugar or Preservatives | Top 12 Allergen and School Friendly, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, Paleo

100% WILD! NO FAKE STUFF! Only Apples and Pears – no artificial ingredients, no added sugars nor preservatives nor colourants. We pick fresh fruits in season and bake them slowly down to retain all the goodness of nature. Then we shape them into your favourite fruit bites. And we give back 15% of profits to to help protect our Chums – the beautiful endangered species featured as the brand heroes on our packs.

Apple 100% Real Fruit Snacks, No Sugar Added








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