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Grown As* Mac - Classic by Seed Ranch Flavor Co

Grown As* Mac - Classic by Seed Ranch Flavor Co

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GrownAs* Vegan Mac & Cheese! It’s the first box on the market that’s vegan, nut free, soy free and truly delicious.

The world needed a better boxed mac & cheese. Something so cheesy and flavorful, you’ll be surprised to learn it’s plant-based. A real crowd pleaser, GrownAs* Vegan Mac & Cheese is undeniably tasty to kids and grownups alike. Prepared the way you’re used to, all you need is a little oat milk and plant-based butter before you’re in mac & cheese heaven.   Vegan mac & cheese isn’t just for vegans.

Small batch, Made in USA, Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy free, Organic, Non-GMO


Macaroni pasta (100% durum wheat flour)+, potato+, nutritional yeast+, tapioca starch+, sea salt, coconut flour+, garlic+, smoked paprika+, turmeric+, xanthan gum+, organic vegan cheese flavor, onion+ +Non-GMO Ingredients


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