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Honey Bunchies / Bon Bee Peanut Pecan Honey Bar

Honey Bunchies / Bon Bee Peanut Pecan Honey Bar

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RECREATING A FAMILY RECIPE It all started in 2010 when Dad was trying to recreate a recipe Mom made for him over 35 years prior. Without the recipe, Dad spent 3 months guessing until he accidentally made something a bit different than he intended. It was something unique, something special, and something that tasted absolutely amazing!

A LOVE STORY With this new, incredible snack discovery, Dad launched Honey Bunchie, LLC, makers of Bon Bee Gourmet Honey Bars. He lovingly named the company after his nickname for Mom, "Honey Bunchie" (she calls him Honey Bunchie, too!). And as a tribute to his love for to Mom, Dad started our company on the date of their wedding anniversary. How sweet is that?!

FAMILY BEES Dad then used a picture I drew of our family when I was only four years old (basically egg people with limbs!) and added wings, antenna and stripes creating our signature bees found on our packaging. To this day, Dad, Mom, my brother and I all work together making Bon Bee Gourmet Honey Bars in our hometown of Longmont, Colorado.

After over a decade in business, we are proud that Bon Bee can be found in many fine retailers from coast to coast creating smiles far and wide. Thank you for supporting our small veteran-owned, woman-owned, family business!

Veteran Owned
Gluten Free
Dairy free
Made in USA
Small batch
Woman Owned
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