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Amrita Dark Chocolate Espresso Paleo Bites 3 oz

Amrita Dark Chocolate Espresso Paleo Bites 3 oz

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Amrita Foods is a social mission based snack food company. It is our mission to create better-for-you plant-based snacks that nourish the body and soul. We focus on “inclusion” by creating snacks free from the top 9 food allergens. We strive to hit a balance between local and global ingredients to reflect the America we live in. We follow a triple bottom line - where people and social mission take equal priority to profits. And lastly, we are deeply involved in giving back to the autism community by providing employment to young adults in the spectrum.




The rich & indulging cacao powder and robust espresso make the unbelievably healthy Dark Chocolate Espresso Paleo Bites.
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