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Oodaalolly Dark Chocolate with Calamansi

Oodaalolly Dark Chocolate with Calamansi

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Oodaalolly's Signature 70% Dark Chocolate with Calamansi

A signature Filipino flavor married to smooth Oodaalolly chocolate. Our single roast, single-origin, dark chocolate bar combines exceptional quality Filipino cacao with the unique tanginess of Philippine grown calamansi.

For the unfamiliar, calamansi is a citrus fruit indigenous to the Philippines. Its pulp has a distinctive flavor described as "a cross between lime and orange." It's a staple in Filipino cuisine that we decided needed its very own signature bar.

Combining single-origin cacao, cane sugar, and powdered calamasi* with my family's Swiss chocolate-making technique, yields a buttery smooth chocolate bar with a surprise rush of tangy calamansi. It's quite unusual and may not be for everybody. But, if you love turning flavor norms onto their heads, this might be the chocolate for you.

- All Natural Ingredients

- Philippine Trinitario Cacao Beans

- Unrefined Cane Sugar

- Powdered Calamansi*

- 100% VEGAN

- 100% Gluten-Free 


Philippine Cacao, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Powdered Calamansi (contains a small amout of gluten-free maltodextrin)

AAPI Owned, Eco friendly, Made in USA, Small batch

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