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Solula Roasted Garlic Tostones 4 oz

Solula Roasted Garlic Tostones 4 oz

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A savory garlic punch complements a salty, delicious crunch in our Roasted Garlic Tostones.

These salty-savory-crispy-crunchy Tostones start with plantains from sun-drenched fields around the equator. We cook them, smash them and then cook them again, so they're bigger, crunchier and tastier than ordinary plantain chips. This is the snack plantain growing people create for their own crunching pleasure. Now we create it for yours.

Serve with your favorite dip, sauce or ceviche, as a crunchy complement to any meal or as a delicious snack right out of the bag.

Sliced: Green plantains, fresh from the fields, are peeled and thickly sliced.

Smashed: After partially cooking, we smash the plantain slices flat to create more cooking surface to draw out flavor.

Kettle Cooked: Our proprietary two-step batching technique creates a big, crispy, crunchy, satisfying chip

Vegetarian, Eco friendly, Small batch, Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, Paleo, Vegan


fresh green plantains, sunflower oil and natural seasonings.
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