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Small Batch Organics - Coffee Bean Granola Bark 2 oz

Small Batch Organics - Coffee Bean Granola Bark 2 oz

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At Small Batch Organics we make simple and delicious granola cereal and the perfect snack, chocolate covered granola bark. All of our products are organic, gluten free and kosher.

The quality of our granola and bark come from our hard working team in Manchester, Vermont and our great ingredient partners. We source our ingredients from artisanal farms and producers whenever possible.


chocolate (cocoa beans, evaporated cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin), oats, maple syrup, almonds, cornflakes (cornmeal, fruit juice), coffee beans, sprouted quinoa, virgin coconut oil, brown rice flour, cane sugar, vanilla extract, butter, sea salt


An extra crunch of slightly sweetened Mocha Joe’s coffee chips.

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